The rampant uncultured human activities have led to the disappearance of natural resources such as forests, rocks, hills, valleys, swamps and pollution of water bodies destroying all the ecosystem which is the social capital of our traditional medicine in its totality; and its habitants hence rendering the human species vulnerable to all the challenges of life. Therefore, we have to find out ways to address these challenges before it’s too late for the coming disaster. With our initiative, we encourage planting of trees on hills, valleys, along river banks, on road sides in all towns and on the boundaries of all public places such as schools, churches, mosques, and any available space in homes.

PROMETRA-UGANDA believes in  power and creativity of the locals to find community based solutions to climate challenges. We build people power and knowledge to fight climate change using the value approach. This means that we attach medicinal value on each tree seedling relating with cultural norms to bring out a strong connection and reason to conserve hence have a centralized medicinal tree seedling that propagates and produces indigenous medicinal tree seedlings.

Indigenous Medicinal trees propagated in the centralized Medicinal tree at Nalugoma Forest School of Traditional Healer – Buyijja 20,000 seedlings are produced each year for sale and distribution to communities around the area for planting.

PROMETRA-UGANDA started an indigenous medicinal and fruit tree nursery aiming to preserve indigenous species, enrich our natural forests and increase reforestation by community members. Currently, there are 25 species cultivated in the nursery and the number will increase to 75. The tree seedlings are being sold and also distributed to the communities. To see the tree species click here.