Prometra Uganda

  • Buyijja, Buwama sub-county, Mpigi District
  • +256 772 403 900
  • +256 750 956 490

Events and Conferences

  • 2003

    Organised and coordinated participation of African traditional healers in International Conference on HIV/AIDS in Africa (ICASA) in the Networking Zone of the Global Village in Nairobi, Kenya

  • 2005

    USA. African healing wisdom: from tradition to current applications and research.

  • 2013

    Hosted INTO visitors

  • 2010

    Hosted the Kabaka of Buganda, Documentation of medicines Asian – Learning, International AIDS Society

  • 2016

    Ethnobiology international conference

  • 2015

    China. A Keynote address on the African medicine during China – Africa Health Cooperation in preparation for 2nd Ministerial Forum for China-Africa Health Development.

  • 2015

    Peru.Current situations, challenges and advancements relating to promotion of healthy and wholesome communities free of drugs and alcoholism using Traditional Medicine to address the problem – the case of Uganda

  • 2015

    Rehabilitation of alcohol and drug additions usingTraditional Medicine (Ritual, Treatment and Daily Life) offered by Takiwasi Centre for Drug Rehabilitation and Investigation of Traditional Medicine in Peru.

Organised and coordinated participation of global traditional healers in International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference and the activities of traditional medicine and healer in the Networking Zone of the Global Village in:

  • 2000

    Durban, South Africa;

  • 2004

    Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2006

    oronto, Canada

  • 2016

    Durban, South Africa

  • 2018

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • 2016

    Karahari,South Africa

Mini Addictions Community Training offered by NECHI Canada.

  • 2017

    Mainau Island, Germany. A Keynote Speaker on Traditional Medicine will be the Future – Innovations for Drugs from Plants Conference.”2018 – Istanbul, Turkey. Workshop on Integration of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices into the Health Systems and Health Services.

  • 2018

    Pretoria, South Africa. Workshop on the Community-to-Community Exchange on ABS and Traditional Knowledge.2018 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands. International Indigenous Pre-conference on HIV and AIDS organized by IWGHA/CAAN