Prometra Uganda

  • Buyijja, Buwama sub-county, Mpigi District
  • +256 772 403 900
  • +256 750 956 490



PROMETRA Uganda a registered NGO, and a national chapter of PROMETRA International, established with a purpose to preserve African traditional medicine, culture, development, indigenous science, and African Spirituality through research, education, advocacy, practices. It works to improve the health and wellbeing of global communities through 1) the use of quality traditional medicine and indigenous science; 2) building bridges between conventional and traditional systems of healthcare, and; 3) revitalization of the cultural traditional systems for biodiversity conservation. The organization is founded on the principles of cultural indigenous knowledge and practices to contribute to sacredness of nature and its environment for improved livelihood.

Philosophy:    Harness nature and promote your health

Vision:            Healthy, well-informed, and productive population?

Mission:         To promote traditional medical knowledge and practices for improved health through mutual cooperation amongest health systems.

Our Commitment:  To offer a holistic promotion of traditional health care services in the Great Lakes Region. We are committed to work with state and non-state actors, cultural institutions, development partners, donors and researchers for eventual conservation, development and promotion of knowledge and practices.

Core values:

  • Diversity
  • Leadership and Transformation
  • Respect and Humility